FREE Forwarding account: With this service, you can create e-mail addresses at your domain name and we will forward e-mail to your existing email account.

Entry 250 MB E-mail: This service is appropriate for someone who wants to keep their e-mail separate from their other e-mail accounts. A 250 MB mail box is adequate for someone who checks and clears their e-mail frequently. You can pick-up and send your e-mail either through software which uses either POP3 or IMAP interface or through our web based e-mail system. Each 250MB account costs $7.96 per year.

Standard 2,000 MB E-mail: This is the same service as the 250 MB E-mail service with two important changes. First, you have a larger mailbox which may be necessary if you get larger attachments to your e-mail or you don't empty the mailbox daily. Second, you also have "e-mail forwarding" for up to 5 other e-mail addresses which you create for your domain name. The addition of the e-mail forwarding service allows you to publish a variety of e-mail addresses at your domain name to be forwarded to any e-mail account of your choice. Each 2,000 MB costs $14.96 per year.

Professional 10,000 MB E-mail: This has the same features of the 2,000 MB mail service but increases that mail box to 5 times the size for a few dollars a year. Now you have a large e-mail box which can accommodate most e-mail storage needs. Each 10,000 MB costs $19.96 per year.